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Silverfin™ Group Mission

Silverfin™ Group, Inc. provides the solution for the Asian carp that is threatening the aquatic eco-system of the entire Mississippi River Basin. By promoting commercial harvest of Asian carp, we will reduce their population to minimize their threat. Mouse over the below images to see the goals of our mission.

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The Silverfin™ Story

The Silverfin™ Group Story

Silverfin™ Fish Cakes has been a project for many years. It all started with the invasive Asian carp, but Chef Philippe Parola's fignt against invasive species started long before that. From the Nutria in New Orleans to the Alligator in Louisiana to the Asian carp across the nation, the road to Silverfin™ Fish Cakes has been interesting and arduous. Make the jump below to learn more.

U.S. Rivers Infested With the Invasive Asian Carp

Silverfin Group Plan

Silverfin™ Group has a plan to combat the invasive Asian carp that is threatening the aquatic ecosystems of the United States. In fact, not only does Silverfin™ Group have a plan, our plan is the only viable solution to managing the population of Asian carp so they can coexist with native fish species. Make the jump below to learn more.

Chef Philippe Parola Getting Asian carp from Commercial Fishermen

The Man Behind the Mission

Silverfin™ Group, Inc. was founded by Chef Philippe Parola. Chef Philippe has worked tirelessly for over 10 years in research and development toward the mission to solve the Asian carp crisis in America.  Make the jump below to learn more about Chef Philippe Parola and his qualifications and efforts.

Silverfin™ Group Advisory Team

Silverfin Group Team

Silverfin™ Group, Inc. did not happen over night and it did not happen without the help and assistance of a top notch Advisory Team, each with their own specialty and contribution to the Silverfin™ cause. Make the jump below to learn more about the people behind the mission that is Silverfin™ who strive to help our solution to the Asian carp invasion become a reality.

Silverfin™ Fish Cakes

Silverfin™ Fish Cakes

Silverfin™ Group's ultimate solution to the Asian carp invasion in America is a value-added food product for human consumption - Silverfin™ Fish Cakes! Our delicious gourmet fish cakes are healthy, nutritious, and taste great! In addition, if you #EatTheProblem! with Silverfin™ Fish Cakes, you are also helping save America's rivers and lakes and their associated multi-billion dollar industries for future generations. Make the jump below to learn more about the first human food product made from an invasive species.

Silverfin™ Group Mascots - Krabi and Blu

Silverfin Group Mascots

Silverfin™ Group, Inc. has two little friends that help us promote Silverfin™ Fish Cakes by encouraging people to eat more fish (specifically the Silverfin™ Fish Cakes mad from Asian carp). Make the jump to see more of these two guys!

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