The Silverfin™ Group Inc. Plan of Action

80 pound Asian Carp in Louisiana
Growth Control

Once populations of Asian carp become established with recruitment of young fish exceeding mortality, eradication is considered to be incredibly difficult if not impossible. Populations may be minimized in some specific areas by denying access to spawning tributaries through migration barriers and other scientific methods but all of these options are very expensive and may inadvertently have negative impacts on native fish species in these waterways.

The best way to control the population growth of Asian carp is to harvest them in large numbers. We must extract copious amounts of these fish from our waterways in order to help control their rapid population growth and ensure that the environment and ecosystems are intact so that the fishing, hunting, and recreational water sports industries of the United States can survive for many future generations.

Chef Paul Prudhomme - One Chef - One Recipe - One Fish
#EatTheProblem - Proof It Works!

One Chef. One Recipe. One Fish. Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme almost completely ERADICATED the ENTIRE Red Fish species with a single recipe by turning it into a popular seafood dish.

Silverfin™ Group plans to do the same thing by turning a fish that no one wants into a delicious value-added seafood product for human consumption.

Silverfin Group Harvest Plan
Harvest Plan

Commercial fishermen throughout the Mississippi River Basin, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, are eager to start harvesting Asian carp. With the help of Wildlife and Fisheries agencies, Silverfin™ Group has built a coalition of licensed commercial fishermen who are prepared to start the harvest of Asian carp, 10 pounds and above to ensure sustainability, throughout the waterways of the Basin.

It has been proven that one boat with two fishermen can harvest a daily average of 4,000 pounds of Asian carp using specially designed fishing nets that are approved by fisheries authorities and are eco-friendly to ensure the safety of all other aquatic life.

Silverfin™ Group’s goal is to harvest up to 800,000 pounds of Asian carp, throughout the Basin, on a daily basis. This will require 200 boats with 400 total fishermen, not only achieving the harvest goal, but creating a boost for local economies.

Harvesting Asian Carp in Louisiana
Recruiting Fishermen

Silverfin™ Group will pay commercial fishermen top dollar (more than twice the average per pound they currently receive) for their Asian carp harvest in order to incentivize them to get these destructive fish out of the water.

In addition, Silverfin™ fishermen will use eco-friendly fishing nets that were specially designed for Asian carp fisheries. These unique nets are used to ensure the safety of other aquatic life and have been approved by commercial fisheries authorities.

Asian Carp Data and Statistics
Harvest Data

Working with sponsors and affiliates, data from commercial harvest will allow experts to monitor Asian carp populations to sufficiently manage their threat to our ecosystems. The data will facilitate risk assessments and decision making for adaptive management yielding the implementation of more effective tactics for controlling and monitoring Asian carp and their effect on native species.

Silverfin Group Asian Carp Products
Silverfin™ Products

In the end, Silverfin™ will create nutritious food products for human consumption utilizing Asian Carp. These products will include Fish Pies, Fish Nuggets, Fish Boulettes, and Fish Patties. Make the jump below to lean more about Silverfin™ Fish Products.


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